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Welcome to City Portal Rajahmundry Website

Rajahmundry or Rajamahendri(Telugu) is the biggest city of the East & West Godavari districts and first municipal corporation in the Godavari district's of Andhra Pradesh state in India. Poet Nannayya gave Telugu script here which made it a language.[1] It is the birthplace of poet Nannayya, who is also called the first poet of Telugu. The City is known as the Cultural Capital of Andhra Pradesh(Area: 228.8 km²).

Popular Places


Godavari Puskara Ghat, Rajahmundry

Place with Historical and Religious significance.Along with koti lingala revu it is one of the most ancient ghats where millions of people take holy dip during Godavari puskaralu. read more.


Iskcon Temple in Rajahmundry

is built in two acres of land situated on the bank of sacred river Godavari in Rajahmundry city.This place has got significance because many Rishis performed their tapasya.Sri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu met his disciple sri Ramananad Raya then governor of Chennai province under the Devotee King Purushotham Maharaj .The famous conversation among the Lord Sri Chaitanya and Ramaananda Raya took place on Godavari Bank and now this place is known as Ramananda Raya Gaudiaya Math.


Dawaleswaram Barrage

The Dowleswaram Barrage (Telugu: ) is an irrigation structure which is built on the last stretch of the Godavari River before it empties into the Bay of Bengal. It was built by a British irrigation engineer, Sir Arthur Thomas Cotton. His projects averted famines and stimulated the economy of southern India. read more..

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